Page 1: Teaching Observation - Observation form

This form should be completed by the observer during the observation. It should be completed contemporaneously and on line. If you cannot complete online during the session,  please download a copy and take it into the classroom. Once you have completed a paper copy, please complete the online version. 

The questions are prompts, with the second answer in each triplet being the standard for a good teacher. You should use the text box to expand your observations on anything relating to the topic of the question. 

When you have finished, please click 'save for later' because you may wish to modify the responses after your debriefing with the participant.

The personal data collected through this survey will accessible only to designated members of the Human Resources team and the ExPERT Academy. Your individual data will be shared with your Head of Department who will provide it to you and your line manager to inform your appraisal. Anonymised data, collated at department/school/college level will be shared with Heads of School/Colleges and with the Learning Teaching and Assessment committee for the purposes of determining institutional development needs and for informing reports such as the TEF. Data will kept centrally for only one year post the year of observation.